Layette and Nursery Basics

Putting together a layette is not an easy task. It's hard to know exactly what you'll need to outfit your baby (unless you already have a child.) Seek the advice of friends and let these basic questions guide you:

What clothing will you dress your baby in? —during the day? —at night? —to go outdoors?

  • One-piece stretchies and gowns with socks make good staples for day or night. Layer with an undershirt and sweater or blanket sleeper for warmth.
  • For outings in cold weather, you'll need warm outerwear with a hat. In warm weather, don't forget a sun hat.
  • Linens that you'll need are crib sheets and mattress pads.
  • Diapers and a diaper pail.

What furniture will you need for your baby?

  • A crib provides a safe place for your baby to sleep.
  • A changing table is useful for diapering, washing, and dressing your baby.
  • A chest of drawers helps to organize your baby's clothes.
  • A rocking chair and nightlight are nice to have.

What equipment will you need for your baby?

  • A car seat is required by law.
  • A carriage or stroller is convenient for traveling with your baby.
  • A baby bathtub can make bathtime safer.
  • Mothers who plan to feed their babies formula, and breastfeeding mothers who plan to express milk or give supplemental bottles, will need to start with six 4 oz. bottles, a bottle/nipple brush, and formula. Expressing milk requires a breast pump.
  • A high chair will be extremely useful when your baby is about six months old.
  • Other items such as a bassinet, portable crib, playpen, front or back carrier, infant swing, infant seat, and baby monitor are optional.
  • Don't forget a diaper bag and pacifier!

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