Choosing a Pediatrician

At some point you will need to choose a pediatrician or family practice physician for your baby. Your choices may be limited by your health insurance plan so be sure to check that first. Before you make a decision, it's a good idea to schedule a prenatal appointment.

Some things to discuss and consider are:

  • Does he/she practice with others who will assist in your baby's care?
  • What are his/her hours and fees, and how much will your insurance plan cover?
  • Is his/her office "child friendly"? Are sick and well children kept in separate waiting rooms?
  • How long is the average wait to be seen?
  • Is he/she available to answer questions by phone? Is a nurse available by phone?
  • What hospital is he/she affiliated?
  • Will he/she be available at the delivery?
  • What about circumcision if you have a boy?
  • What are his/her philosophies regarding:
  • … Breastfeeding? Bottle-feeding?
  • … Feeding on demand? On schedule?
  • … Infant vitamins? Fluoride supplements?
  • … Immunizations?

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