Baby Names A-Z

Pick up a little book of baby names and start daydreaming! Look through family records, albums, or books for unique family names. Search the internet to find the meanings and origins of thousands of names. When you think of a name you like, write it down!

When it's time to start narrowing down your list of favorite baby names, keep in mind what Shakespeare said, "What's in a name? A rose by any other name would smell as sweet." Here is our list of favorite names.

A   Aaron, Albert, Alden

B   Brandon, Brian, Butch

C   Cesar, Colin, Connor

D   Dagley, Darnell, Donald

E   Emerson, Ernesto, Evan

F   Ford, Franklin, Frederick

G   Gabriel, Gareth, Gregory

H   Harrison, Henry, Hunter

I   Ian, Irving, Isaac

J   Jack, Jeffrey, Jeremy

K   Kirk, Kurt, Kyle

L   Lawrence, Lewis, Luke

M   Mark, Maxwell, Mitchell

N   Neil, Nicholas, Noah

O   Oliver, Omar, Oscar

P   Paul, Peter, Preston

Q   Quentin, Quincy, Quinn

R   Ramon, Reed, Robert

S   Sanford, Stafford, Stuart

T   Thomas, Timothy, Todd

U   Ulric, Urban, Uriah

V   Vance, Victor, Vincent

W   Warren, Wesley, Winston

X   Xavier, Xenos, Xylon

Y   Yale, Yardley, York

Z   Zachery, Zane, Zebadiah

A   Abby, Alexandra, Alicia

B   Betsy, Brenda, Brooke

C   Caroline, Christine, Colleen

D   Danielle, Deanna, Dulcie

E   Elizabeth, Ellen, Emily

F   Faith, Felicia, Fiona

G   Gabrielle, Genevieve, Gina

H   Hannah, Heidi, Holly

I   Ingrid, Irene, Isadora

J   Jacqueline, Jane, Joni

K   Katherine, Kendra, Kristen

L   Laura, Leanne, Lindsey

M   Maggie, Maureen, Megan

N   Nadine, Natalie, Noel

O   Olga, Olivia, Ophelia

P   Penelope, Portia, Priscilla

Q   Queenie, Querida, Quinta

R   Rachel, Rebecca, Renée

S   Sally, Sara, Sophia

T   Tanya, Theresa, Trista

U   Ulrica, Una, Ursula

V   Valerie, Vanessa, Victoria

W   Wanda, Wendy, Wynne

X   Xanthe, Xenia, Xylina

Y   Yolanda, Yvette, Yvonne

Z   Zelda, Zoe, Zsa Zsa

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